There is a lot of uncertainty with Google ranking factors currently, which is driving the SEO industry crazy. Things change rapidly as Google introduces new updates continuously and it seems that it is hard to keep up. It’s time to stop focusing on keywords and ranking and the old mantra of “if I rank #1 for my product/services keywords then I win; If I don’t, I lose.” This is not how SEO really works today and continuing with this old school mindset will just set you up for failure.

Meeting Goals:

           Page performance – focus in increased organic traffic to your product or service page.

           Keyword visibility – focus on multiple keyword phrases for each product or service page – not just a select few.

           Website health – healthy websites are key to improving organic traffic results.

           Competitor monitoring – SEO is not a silo approach – learn from competitors and benchmark your performance.

          Content strategy – publish “topic-based” content using a pillar content strategy to support your SEO.

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Francois MuscatFounder and Managing Director at Unibit Solutions